VOLUME 2 Myths Monsters and Cryptids book, Leather monster hunters journal

Loft 817

Volume 2 of my book Myths Monsters and Cryptids

Carefully handcrafted leather cover with a hand-stamped hot foil seal of protection adorn this  8.5" x 11" journal written by famed monster researcher Kristoff VonKeeffer.

30 unique creatures, each having a section dedicated to general information, classification, and size comparison graphic, as well as an "Expedition Notes" section, a short story detailing our monster hunter's run-in and experience with the creature.

My Myths and monsters series continues with Volume 2! 
After completing my Kickstarter campaign I can now bring it to you on my website! This is the full collection of series 1 in my myths and monster lineup, illustrated pen and ink sketches and handwritten field notes fill this volume! A must-have for any cryptid fan, or monster hunter! For more details of the original project you can find the details On Kickstarter, searching for "Myths Monsters and Cryptids".

Hard Cover book inside a hand-made Full grain leather cover. (top-of-the-line 4-5 oz full-grain pull up leather)

8.5"x11" uncoated #80 paper for that authentic look and feel

30 full-page illustrations including many smaller book-exclusive sketches
Hard Cover book inside hand-made Full grain leather cover.

158 pages total

$ 160.00

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