About Us

"Hey what a great idea!" I said to myself, lets take old vintage book pages and use them as my backdrop for some of my art! Its an idea I'd been toying around with for quite awhile. Imagine my dismay when i joined Etsy and saw that my "original" idea was....well not very original. I wept and buried my head in shame......(thats not actually true, I think I actually grabbed a beer and went sledding). Anyway I still want to do this, I love the look of melding old warm colored pages with fresh new ink! I love creating original pop artwork, as well as collage art out of all these wonderful vintage illustrations, photos and images and putting my own spin on it. Thank you for viewing some of my madness. 

  • My Dictionary prints are all printed on authentic vintage dictionary pages from 1880-1950. These pages are all in great condition, and slightly yellowed by time, creating a truly interesting backdrop for the artwork. The art is printed with a professional grade 6 color laser jet printer, not some junky home inkjet deal. You can expect VIBRANT colors and excellent image quality!

  • Larger Prints are printed on Premium Matte photo paper, with archival quality inks on a Professional grade Epson Inkjet printer for amazing colors.

  • All my prints are designed and printed by me in my home studio.

    This type of wall decor goes great with any style, from contemporary, shabby chic or even around the office! . Also Im constantly designing new images so check back into the shop from time to time, to see whats new!


My name is Kris.
My 9-5 is working as a land surveyor, this can be very dangerous at times. Im also incredibly clumsy and accident prone. This happens to be a very bad combination as you can probably guess.
I want to spread my artistic wings while I still have bones that I haven't broken yet! I have an artistic nature by heart but have only recently reawoken my passion for drawing and design. I hope you enjoy my work!