White Dragon art print, Ice dragon, dungeons and dragons monster namual, fantasy monster artwork

Loft 817

White Ice Dragon art print with Dragon dictionary page definition, fantasy monster artwork

Glacies Draco. The White Dragon.
Being the smallest of the dragons, the whites are not as cruel as the blacks, nor as tempermental as the. Reds, and do not compare to the other dragons in a fight. That being said, they are not to be underestimated as their breath weapons expel a cone of intense cold, a direct hit from which was fatal as it instantly froze its victims solid. Even a glancing blow could be seriously debilitating

Frames not included

3 sizes are available, 8"x10", 11"x17" and 13"x19"
Printed on premium Matte photo paper, for amazing results.
Printed with a small" border for easy framing, or pin them up as is!

All large size (11x17 and 13x19) prints will be shipped rolled and protected in a heavy duty tube mailer. you are only charged shipping once, buy additional prints with no shipping fee!

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