The Angels are Falling

The festive lights and ornaments have been sentenced to their boxes for another year, the tree is down, and some semblance of normal life has taken root. The hustle and bustle of the crazy shopping season has come to a close and I can breath easy and get back to making art instead of just print, ship, print, ship!  I do love Christmas, but wasnt able to enjoy it much this year do to work work work, but a guys gotta feed his family, so what can ya do?

So my first piece of the year The angels are falling is completed and Im very excited with how it turned out. I based it on very rough concept sketch I drew while sitting in a work truck waiting on some GPS equipment to "do its thing".  The main elements I wanted was an angel cast down from the heavens in flames, dark foreboding clouds gathering, and a nice ethereal glow in the clouds. Everything else just came together as I was designing at the computer, this is a product of lots of coffee, and a little alcohol.




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