Forcing the creative process, its not for me.

So I have a beautiful friday off work from my main job, kids are at school, and other than a few odds and ends to do around the house, the day is mine! Ive just brewed a pot of java and have settled down at the computer to "do some art", lets roll!

Well that was an hour ago, I'm on my 2nd cup of java, and I have yet to create anything. Not a line, not an idea, nothing. I've just stared at my screen dumbfounded. Ive always found it impossible to force creativity, and it amazes me how some folks can work artistically under deadlines for graphic design companies.(which is why I don't do that).

So, the art will come to me today, or it wont. but in the meantime instead of sitting here pondering what to make next, I'm going to go outside and split firewood, rake some leaves and do some other good stuff, and maybe, just maybe that will spark something. Or it wont. And that's okay too.

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