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Chinese Zodiac art series

Chinese Zodiac art series
Chinese Zodiac art series

So Ive been wanting to do a lot of different art series for awhile, what comes to mind at the moment are Tarot Card themed art, the Seven Deadly Sins, and Zodiac art.  

I have plans for for all of these eventually, but unfortunately I'm not one of those artists who can create anything they want at a moments notice.  I have to be inspired first. and usually the inspiration is quite random.

 I wholly intended to do the standard zodiac, but as i am a creature of randomness, i instead sat down and started playing around with Sumi-e style art (the japanese style using black ink) such as below

After doing a couple simple designs in this style I decided to do the Chinese Zodiac, for no other reason then I thought it would look cool.  Currently I have the Horse, Tiger, Dragon, Goat, Monkey and something else that i cant think of right now.

The others Im working on and should hopefully be done this week.

The collection can be found HERE

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The Horse is my daughter Independent and free.

The Monkey is my son, clueless, but with a huge heart.

The Tiger is me (apparently Im supposed to love adventure, be unpredictable, and not be interested in money...that being said I will starve without the money, so buy some prints...hint hint)

The Dragon is my girlfriend, courageous, confident and makes really good meatloaf.


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