Shop Origins, How It all started

 I used to draw quite often, but that all fell to the wayside after I graduated college and entered the "real world" whatever that is.

 In 2014 on an especially cold day in January I was working on a construction site, standing there letting the cold snow flakes melt on my face as I pondered some blueprints and eyeballing a bulldozer so it wouldn't run over me.  Then it hit me like a truck (not the bulldozer, but an epiphany).

 For years I had let my job consume me, change me, drain me.  I was just going through the motions, and it did NOT have to be that way.  


That night I came home and started messing around with my girlfriends photoshop was all very alien to me, but I LIKED it!

 This was about the same time my girlfriend and I were rummaging around an old antique shop on a lazy saturday, and I saw some old art painted on newspapers.  It looked wickedly cool to me, and so an idea was born.

 I opened up a shop on Etsy and began selling some basic steampunk designs. From there I started refining a darker grittier style for some of my super hero art, and I continue to try new styles and themes.  

I still stomp around construction sites, I still come home muddy, but now i also create.

And i just love that.


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